City Forest
hall rental rules
   City Forest Rules

Cleaning Deposit: Deposit will be refunded if the Renter performs all of the following:

  1.  Remove all garbage from the tables.
  2. Place all garbage in the garbage cans provided.
  3. Pick up all visible garbage from the floor.
  4. Kitchen must be cleaned.  
    1. Tables must be wiped down, drains must be clear. There is no garbage disposal.
  5. Bar must be clear of any debris and ice should be disposed of properly in the sink or in the plants outside.
  6.  Do not stack chairs or break down tables.
  7. The courtyard must be cleaned of any debris or garbage from your event including decorations and balloons.

Setup:City Forest Lodge will setup tables and chairs to accommodate your event. You must submit your setup request 7 days prior to event on your event information sheet.

Decorations: No confetti allowed or renter will forfeit their cleaning deposit. Thumbtacks may be used in the dining room on the paneled or wood surface. No materials may be used on the painted walls except painters tape. No staples are allowed.  Candles must be enclosed and have a 4” clearance between the top of the wick and the receptacle.  Balloons must be securely fastened and are not allowed to sail freely.  Any balloons or balloon strings caught in fans will result in a charge.  It is your responsibility to remove all tacks, tape, and decorations from the wall.  Any violation of these rules will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

DJ: There is a curfew of 11PM.  No music at all can be played past this time.  Music throughout the event needs to be played at a respectable noise level.  Any complaints about the noise will be brought to the renter’s attention as well as the DJ’s attention.  If not cooperative about this, the renter and all guests will be asked to leave the premises.  The renter is held accountable for the actions of the DJ.  The DJ needs to leave the premises within the access time granted to the renter.  The renter will be charged extra for any time over the access time that it takes the DJ to leave. 

Parking: To arrange for rental of the Forest Hill Christian Church parking lot, please call 415-566-1414.
The courtyard parking lot may always have a clear path to the door for emergency vehicles.  No cars shall be blocked in the parking lot.  The cars in the courtyard are not to be assumed that they belong to people in your party and therefore shall never be blocked.

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